about Fan BuZ

“Growing & Monetizing Community”

We have decades of business development experience, along with our proprietary EVERGREEN technology and activation engines create real Life Long Value!

If you are a super star, athlete, brand or investor, you have a-lot riding on the success of your name, community and projects. Making the most out of them is important and our business development team along side our teck geeks have been able to increase ROI by 20-50X for little to no additional up-font cost.

Technology deployed correctly can not only increase your profitability but increase the live long value of your investments in time, talent & money!

Kick the old-ways to the curb, or atleaset be willing to look as some new opportunities to maximize your results! Communities we have helped:

  • Brands
  • Non-Profits
  • Movies
  • Music
  • New Products
  • Community
  • Events

“Work Smarter – not Harder”

Our ProCESS & Strategy

We activate your current community, and help grow the tribe at the same time creating a long term financial plan to provide increase life long value leveraging our business relationships, technology and demand engine technology! 

We leverage our parent company REFINEMENT to help refine the monetization opportunities by using predictive analytics and machine learning to create High Intent High Value monetization opportunities that we optimize organically to create Evergreen revenue streams.

Our foundation will include EVERGREEN assets created to eanr revenue long past your traditional revenue generation cycle, many times years if not decades beyond creating a huge economic upside for all steak-holders!


Increasing RIO for investors by adding long tail and evergreen revenue from business opportunities and Joint Ventures creating millions in possible revenue for years to come.


Church Community Marketing and advertising social media activation company

Engaging people at their time of need answering questions that the church can provide answers for at the precise time increasing conversions up to 80%.


non-profit marketing and advertising company software

Connecting new community members in a way to organically grow their membership at the same time increasing overall movement to meet goals.


Biotechnology research and development marketing and advertising

Education, Research & Science meet technology creating 50,000 member growth in only 1 year from launch.


Healthcare Marketing and advertising company leveraging technology to grow members

Brand Activation creating over 480,000 opportunities and reducing cost of new customer acquisition by 27%.


Brand Activation and community engagement

New Eyeballs engaging with a brand drive profitability and market share increase by 12.5% over 24 months


insurance marketing and advertising Jeff Cline

20 year old company reports double digit growth 3 years in a row in a very competitive marketplace full of competition leveraging thanks to executives & geeks at FB.


2A Advertising

Moving a SaaS membership to reach over 66,000 paying members with out access to the top advertising platforms.


Movie, shorts and documentaries advertising, marketing and social media activation

Cause & Topical content EVERGREENS content creating huge revenue opportunities tripling overall project revenue and 548% profit increase.

Featured Non-Profits